Annuals, Perennials, Herbs, Grasses, Bulbs

Grower List


Please Call for current availability 503-282-3183


Al’s Greenhouse- spring annuals

American Roots Nursery-Bare root perennials

Casa Flora-Ferns, Tropical and perennial

Creek Hill Nursery- Perennial plugs

DeGoede Nursery- Bare root perennials

DeVroomen – Bulbs, Bare root perennials

Donahue’s Nursery- Clematis

Emerald Coast Nursery- Grasses, perennial plugs

Fessler Nursery- Spring annuals

Gulley Greenhouses- Perennial plugs, spring annuals

Hillcrest Greenhouse- Herbs

KCK Farms- Bare root paeonia

Pacific Growers- Geraniums

Plug Connection- Annual, perennial, cut flower plugs

Plant Source International- Annuals unrooted cuttings

Raker Nursery- Annual, perennial, cut flower plugs

Sawyer Nursery- Perennial plugs and bare roots

Skagit Gardens- Perennial plugs

Sunshine Nursery- Herbs, perennial and annual plugs

Swift Greenhouses- Perennial plugs

Takao Nursery- Perennial plugs

Vis Seed- Seed all types

Walla Walla Nursery- Grasses and perennial plugs


Perennial Plant Association
Perennial Plant of the Year

2017 Asclepias Tuberosa
Anemone Honorine Jobert 2016